Lens Factsheet: Pixels and Prisms

Lens Factsheet: Pixels and Prisms

For enthusiasts who are interested in completing the lens project (see the review of all parts here), Pixels and Prisms has compiled a factsheet containing all information about lens performance, construction, and usability.


Focal length: 163mm

Maximum aperture: f/2.5

Minimum aperture: f/11

Lens mount: Canon EF

Lens coverage: Full-frame digital

Diaphragm blades: 12, rounded


Material: Black PLA

Quantity: 247g (82m of filament)

Print time: 33 hr 50 min total

Layer height: 0.12 to 0.18mm

Infill: Hexagons, 15%

Shell count: 2

Print speed: 60mm/sec

Extruder temperature: 210 Celsius

Platform temperature: 50 Celsius

Dimensions and Weight

Diameter of lens at widest point: 132mm

Diameter of lens at narrowest point: 58mm

Lens length: approx. 119mm

Weight: 329g


Optical design: Optical Ray Tracer

3D modelling: Onshape

Slicing: FlashPrint, Slic3r

For files and build instructions, visit the build page and the full article.

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