March 28, 2015

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Screen-shot-2012-03-21-at-11.40.41-AMThis animation is created from a series of polaroids taken at the beach in 1982. The photos were scanned and I then separated the layers from each other. I combined all of the photos into one photograph.  In After Effects I realigned the layers with some large brush strokes and a fancy poem by Jenn Wertz. I wanted to create a space that looks like a memory, if you were revisiting it.

  • Screened at Pittbsburgh Filmmaker’s Film Kitchen in August 2010, May 2012.
  • Exhibited at Penn Avenue gallery Crawl events held at the Harris theater in Spring of  2011.
  • Digital projection included in exhibit, “Overlapping Memories” at Space Gallery and in Quart Jove in Valencia, Spain, curated by Carolina Loyola Garcia in February of 2011.