14 Nov '17

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Until You are Sound by MAST

Client: MAST Tim Conley

This music video shot for MAST has, at times, more than 72 layers of video. Thanks to him for letting me experiment! It first premiered in SPIN’s blog.

These photos were  shot for PR … Read More

28 Mar '15

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mmry cnqrs tm nd spc

This animation is created from a series of polaroids taken at the beach in 1982. The photos were scanned and I then separated the layers from each other. I combined all of the photos into one photograph.  In After Effects … Read More

06 Nov '14

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Song by RYAT Animation: Steve Teeps Editing & video: me

This music video for RYAT’s “Owl” is a collaboration between myself and Steve Teeps. He used Cinema 4D and some A/V programming, and I used some rotoscoping in After Effects and … Read More

02 Nov '12

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VIA PGH 2010

Formed in 2010, VIA serves as a platform for the intersection of emerging music, new media art, and technology.

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16 May '11

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Big Freedia, Azz Everywhere @ VIA 2010

Here is a lil fun we had making a promo video. Edited with VIA curator Lauren Goshinski. The screen visuals are by gretchen niedert, pretty neat.

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